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Understanding the Threat

The cyber threat is often dramatized and reported in a way that is difficult to conceptualize. As with all threats, it is essential that our clients understand from what, and from where, they are at risk. PGI’s Cyber Intelligence reporting provides bespoke tailored products that allows our clients to respond proportionately, and make balanced, relevant investment decisions to protect themselves.

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Testing and Evaluation

PGI Cyber provides the full range of accredited and certified services that test and evaluate our clients systems, policies and people to the level required allowing clients to meet regulatory, contractual and compliance conditions. From the basic Cyber Essentials, through to full comprehensive Red Team Testing, as well as Pen Testing, ISO 27001 and PCI:DSS assessments, PGI Cyber will provide the expert, certified service that the client requires.

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Monitoring and Securing the Threat

Monitoring and securing the cyber-threat should always be one of the major components of any organisation’s information security plan. Once our clients recognize the scale and breadth of the cyber-security threat, it is equally important, if not more so, to ensure your systems and people remain constantly protected as new threats evolve.

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Event Response

Hackers can remain undetected inside networks for years or can enter, steal data and “leave”. However, once a breach has been detected, event response is crucial. PGI Cyber focuses on safely restoring your systems, investigating the breach, minimizing damage and maintaining your reputation, all with maximum efficiency.

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Organisations of all types have two different Cyber training requirements. First, ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap’: providing the necessary awareness, training and education giving all members of staff the knowledge the need to perform their job. We run specific courses for Executives and leadership; others for Engineering and IT Staff and also on-line training for the whole workforce, with specific modules focussed on particular job types or threat types. Secondly, ‘Growing Cyber Security Professionals’: Taking people through their professional skill development in their chosen Cyber Security discipline, whether new entrant or established professional, with the necessary certifications.

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