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Cyber Security in the Finance and Insurance Sectors

 22nd February 2017

Companies in the financial services and insurance industries are a high profile target for cybercriminals. This is particularly worrying given a recent report that suggests just 1 in 5 insurers and banks are confident that they can detect a cyber breach.


UK Businesses most likely to think that Cyber Insurance is not for them

 21st February 2017

According to the Cyber Readiness Report 2017*, 45% of UK businesses have no plans to take out cyber insurance and think that a cyber insurance policy is not relevant for them.


Pioneering Women in Tech Part 1 Hedy Lamarr

 20th February 2017

The 13th October was Ada Lovelace Day. As many of you already know, Ada is widely considered to be the first person to write a computer programme and therefore the first computer programmer. Ada is not the only pioneering woman within the world of Information Technology and I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about my personal hero Hedy Lamarr.


Attack of the Clones – Beware Fake Social Media accounts

 6th February 2017

The vast majority of us now use social media to keep in touch with friends and family, but unfortunately unsecure social media accounts provide a goldmine of information for online criminals.


Turn it off and on again - You don’t have to be Techie to Protect Yourself or Your Organisation from Cyber Crime

 1st February 2017

Welcome to the first post in this new blog series called Turn it Off and On Again. Hello! My name is Matt and I am PGI’s Communications and Content Executive. This blog series is about my experiences of the world of cyber and how, despite all the scare mongering we see on a near daily basis, cyber security isn’t all that scary or confusing.


Social Engineering: Your online profiles can be used against you

 30th January 2017

Most organisations and people have information about themselves on the Internet. Companies advertise with it and people share tonnes of personal information with their friends and families. With this wealth of information so widely available, it is little wonder that criminals can and do use it for malicious purposes.


Ransomware Threat To SMEs To Rise in 2017

 24th January 2017

A large number of our reports last year featured regular stories about the threat of Ransomware. Research by Trend Micro, published just before Christmas, found that new ransomware families soared by 400% between January and September in 2016.


UK Cyber Security Skills Gap Widens Again

 19th January 2017

The rising threat to organisations from cyber criminals and hackers has led to the number of vacancies in the internet security job sector increasing sharply, however, the number of eligible workers continues to fail to meet demand.


Want a new career for 2017? Consider Cyber Security

 4th January 2017

It’s 2017 and as we all get back into the swing of things some of us may be thinking about a change in career. With demand for cyber security professionals at record highs why not make the leap into one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.


2017 SME Cyber Threats

 29th December 2016

Despite their small size and the common misconception by SME owners that they are not at risk from cyber threats, the reality is very different. It is because of their size and smaller budgets that make them a popular target for criminals. So what are the threats to SMEs in 2017 likely to be?


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