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2017 SME Cyber Threats

 29th December 2016

Despite their small size and the common misconception by SME owners that they are not at risk from cyber threats, the reality is very different. It is because of their size and smaller budgets that make them a popular target for criminals. So what are the threats to SMEs in 2017 likely to be?


Were 2016 Cyber Predictions Right?

 20th December 2016

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and we thought we would reflect on last year’s cyber predictions.


Top Tips for Cyber Safe Travel

 19th December 2016

As you travel using your internet-powered mobile devices, you are often exposed to a number of cyber security risks.


A Question of Privilege

 14th December 2016

Do the simple things well and the cyber risk is decreased substantially.However, one area that seems to be consistently overlooked is that relating to privileged accounts.


Be Aware of Unsecured IoT Toys this Christmas

 13th December 2016

Some children are more digitally adept than their parents and thus will want the latest must-have gadget. Inevitably, a lot of these devices will be internet connected and these can bring additional risks.


How are you preparing for GDPR?

 6th December 2016

Are you ready for GDPR?


PGI to set up UK-APAC Centre of Security Excellence in Malaysia

 5th December 2016

Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of the Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC), and Barry Roche, CEO of Protection Group International (PGI), today signed an agreement to collaborate to strengthen and develop cybersecurity capacity in Malaysia.


Top Ten Tips for Cyber Security

 30th November 2016

We at PGI aim to demystify cyber security in order to help businesses and people understand that there are a few simple steps you can take to help defend your sensitive data.


Top Tips to Avoid Being Scammed This Sales Season

 24th November 2016

It’s that time of the year again when the Christmas sales season really kicks off. With online purchasing set to hit new record levels, you need to be aware of the potential risks as Christmas can be a profitable time for cybercriminals too.


TalkTalk Hack Highlights the Risks Posed By Script Kiddies

 22nd November 2016

The news that a 17-year old boy has admitted to last year’s hacking of TalkTalk highlights the risks posed by young hackers often referred to as script kiddies.


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