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61% of UK consumers believe businesses are not doing enough to defend against cyber attacks

 20th September 2016

A new poll shows that half of all consumers would avoid buying from businesses that have suffered a cyber security breach.


Number of Cyber security breaches reported to the ICO has doubled in a year

 14th September 2016

According to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) the number of cyber security incidents affecting British businesses nearly doubled over the course of a year.


Do you work in the IT industry and want to get into the growth area that is Cyber security?

 13th September 2016

Many SOCs are popping up all over the globe but there is a significant shortage of skilled staff to fill them. PGI's SOC analyst course will get you up to speed and enable you to steer your career into cyber security.


PGI will see you now - Got a Cyber Problem? Our Free Cyber Surgery can help

 12th September 2016

Do you have questions or are unsure about cybersecurity? If so, then call us on 01454 649418, our cyber experts are more than happy to assist you.


South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit Signs up for Let’s Talk Cyber 2016

 7th September 2016

The South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit has signed up to be a part of this year’s Let’s Talk Cyber 2016 event due to be held at the PGI Cyber Academy in Bristol on October 27.


Cyber Criminals Have Universities in Their Sights as New Term Begins

 6th September 2016

With the new study year getting underway, universities are under threat from cyber-attacks being made against their computer systems.


Bluefin Insurance Signs up for Lets Talk Cyber 2016

 31st August 2016

Bluefin Insurance has signed up to be a part of this year’s Let’s Talk Cyber 2016 due to be held at the PGI Cyber Academy in Bristol on October 27.


Save the Date for Let’s Talk Cyber 2016

 24th August 2016

PGI will be hosting ‘Let’s Talk Cyber 2016’, an event aimed to increase awareness of the cyber dangers and share knowledge on how best to tackle them.


Got your A-Levels or Getting Your GCSE Results? Consider a Future in Cybersecurity

 22nd August 2016

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers will receive their GCSE results on Thursday and earlier this month was A-Level results day. Many will be considering what career path they should aim for in the long run. With the skills gap in cybersecurity growing, demand for skilled personnel in the sector has never been higher, making cybersecurity a perfect career path for an unsure teen to choose.


Do you know your Cyber Essentials from your ISOs?

 18th August 2016

Cybersecurity can seem very confusing, after all, there are many services and products out there that claim to provide solutions to security issues.


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