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5 Ways to Reduce Cyber Risks

 25th July 2016

The issue of cybersecurity doesn't need to be overly complicated. By implementing a few simple measures or using protective services organisations can protect themselves.


Is Pokemon GO a No Go for Security

 22nd July 2016

Pokémon GO has reportedly more active daily users than Twitter. However, as with most popular online endeavours, cybercriminals have been quick to exploit the game for nefarious purposes.


PGI’s Incident Response Service approved by CREST

 21st July 2016

PGI is pleased to announce that its Computer Incident Response service (CIRT) has been approved by the CREST CSIR program.


The Impact of a Cyber Attack

 19th July 2016

There is often a ripple effect beyond a successful cyber attack that multiplies the costs for a victim’s business and those they are connected to through supply chains and digital networks.


Cybersecurity must top the UK’s agenda says report

 14th July 2016

A report released by the Royal Society has suggested that the issue of cybersecurity must top the agenda for UK businesses and government.


Normalising the Threat: Normalising the Price

 12th July 2016

Are you getting the right quality and the right price for your penetration testing services?


Business Email Compromise Scams a growing Cybersecurity threat

 29th June 2016

Instances of Business Email Compromise scams have increased dramatically over the past few months, but what are they and how can you mitigate the threat?


What is the difference between cyber crime and traditional crime?

 28th June 2016

Although we talk about cybercrime as a separate entity to traditional crime, it is carried out by the same types of criminals for the same type of reasons. These hackers are professional thieves, criminal gangs, disgruntled employees, professional competition, activists, disillusioned youth and state adversaries.


SMEs and the Cyber Risk in the Digital Marketplace

 22nd June 2016

What is Cyber Security? For small businesses (and for some larger ones) the word “Cyber” just sounds like an extra expense, something they perceive they don’t need or something they don’t need to understand.


Only 1 in 5 SMEs has Cybersecurity as a top business priority

 15th June 2016

Even as cybercrime becomes more prevalent, the majority of SMEs do not consider the issue to be a top business priority. According to a report released by Barclaycard which surveyed over 250 SMEs, just one in five SMEs rank cyber security as a major priority.


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