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Cyber Essentials

Are you required to become Cyber Essentials Certified?

PGI's Cyber Essentials online self-assessment, guides a company through the 5 different sections of the questionnaire. The online assessment explains and gives advice for each question with the option of referring to your IT expert, if necessary.

Upon successful completion of the Cyber Essentials assessment you will be awarded with the Cyber Essentials certification.

Registration to the portal is  £395 + VAT – successful completion of the portal entitles you to a certification against basic level Cyber Essentials.

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Cyber Essentials Scheme

The Cyber Essentials Scheme was launched by the UK Government in 2014 in order to encourage organisations to adhere to good practice in information security and internet safety. Cyber Essentials is regarded as the base level standard of affordable IT security which small to medium companies should meet. The Cyber Essentials framework has been created by GCHQ, the information security arm of GCHQ.

"Cyber Essentials" fulfils two key functions:

  • It provides a statement of the basic controls that all organisations should implement to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats;
  • It lays out a foundation of basic measures and procedures that organisations should put in place.
  • Annual recertification is required.

How does the Cyber Essentials Scheme help your organisation?

The implementation of the Cyber Essentials measures can significantly reduce an organisation's vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Although it does not offer a solution to reduce all cyber security risks, nor does it address more advanced threats, it is often considered sufficient protection for the most common threats to most Small to Medium businesses.

As of October 2014, certain ICT Government contracts will only be awarded to companies which have been assessed as meeting the Cyber Essentials standards.

How do they get their accreditation?

Organisations can earn two types of accreditation:

  • Cyber Essentials, a foundation level certification which organisations can get following a verified self-assessment. It offers a basic level of assurance and can be achieved for a relatively low cost.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus, a certification obtained after a more complex process of external and internal independent testing. It offers a much higher level of assurance by covering 5 areas:
    • Boundary Firewalls and internet gateways;
    • Secure Configuration;
    • User Access Control;
    • Malware Protection;
    • Patch Management.

PGI is an official UK Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifying body. You can choose which type of certification you are interested in since we are able to deliver both of them to the client's organisation.

After completing the certification process, clients will be able to display the Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus badge on their official documents, which will help third parties differentiate between organisations and identify who takes cyber security seriously.

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