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Incident Response

What does “incident response” mean in terms of cyber-security?

Incident Response is a type of service conducted by a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) in the event of a cyber-security breach or any other type of computer security incident. A Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is an organisation that receives reports of security breaches, conducts analyses of the reports and responds to the senders. In short, a CSIRT investigates and resolves computer security incidents.

If you have been hacked, it might take days, months or even years to detect the security breach in your network. Cyber-attackers nowadays have adopted more subtle and increasingly malicious ways of making use of your company’s data. Cyber-espionage is thriving, as are all other cyber-security threats. That is why you need to place the safeguard of your invaluable data to a first-class CSIRT.

PGI Cyber’s Computer Security Incident Response Team - Managed Service is our premium deployable capability that monitors, detects and solves your company’s privacy and security breaches with maximum efficiency to ensure minimum damage.

How does PGI Cyber’s CSIRT work?

As soon as you suspect that your network might have been violated, calling PGI Cyber’s CSIRT to report an incident means higher chances of keeping losses to the lowest.

PGI Cyber’s CSIRT will work with you to:

  • Preserve and use forensic evidence to discover the extent of an intrusion;
  • Determine and minimize risk and the possibility of future risk to the business;
  • Provide and maintain smooth and consistent interaction with law enforcement and business management.

The PGI Cyber CSIRT process begins when a customer system administrator/ IT manager reports a possible security incident and includes these steps:

  • Isolating the compromised system from the customer network;
  • Preserving the evidence;
  • Setting up the PGI Cyber CSIRT team;
  • Investigating the extent and type of occurrence;
  • Generating an official report for customer’s top management which includes the type and extent of the incident and lists actions required to mitigate future incidents;
  • Cleaning up and restoring the system;
  • Evaluating how the situation was handled.

Incident Helpline

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