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Malware Analysis

What is Malware Analysis and why do I need it?

Malware analysis is the process by which cyber-security experts examine malicious software present inside a computer system. The malware is broken up to its components in order to examine its behaviour. This can be done in two ways:

  • Static malware analysis: inspection of, and disassembly of malware, enabling reverse-engineering;
  • Dynamic malware analysis: studying the malware while it is running.

Malware analysis is an integral part of any organisation’s cyber-security plan because it empowers those responsible of information security to:

  • Provide detailed information on the capability of malware, informing business decision makers in their response;
  • Identify the whole purpose and scope of the malware infection: if the malware was part of a bespoke, targeted attack; if the malware was focused on data stealing, keystroke logging and password theft, or allowing remote attackers to connect to a system
  • Put in place efficient incident response strategies, taking into account malware capability;
  • Strengthen cyber-defence measures in a demonstrably targeted and effective way;
  • Gather valuable cyber threat intelligence.

How does PGI Cyber perform Malware Analysis?

At PGI Cyber, our highly-skilled analysts perform both static and dynamic malware analysis, thus allowing you to:

  • Understand the capabilities of the malicious software running through your system;
  • Understand the behaviour and intended aims of the malware.

Following the results of the analysis, we produce a functional and easy-to-follow report to support you in making the correct business decisions regarding the cyber-security defence of your organisation.

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