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Monitoring and Securing the Threat

Monitoring and securing the cyber-threat should always be one of the major components of any organisation’s information security plan. Once our clients recognize the scale and breadth of the cyber-security threat, it is equally important, if not more so, to ensure your systems and people remain constantly protected as new threats evolve.

You can decide to build an in-house cyber-security capability or entrust the network security of your organisation to an outsourced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP); whatever option you chose, keep in mind that the body in charge of keeping your company safe from cyber-crime must establish its strategy on the answers to the following three questions:

  1. How do we detect cyber-security breaches;
  2. How do we recover from security breaches;
  3. How do we prevent cyber-security breaches.

Let us keep an expert eye on the cyber-threat, while you focus on your core business.

PGI Cyber can cover all the above-mentioned three areas. PGI’s Monitoring services offer customers fully-flexible, scalable options suitable for both small to medium sized enterprises and large multinational organisations alike. Outsourcing your Protective Monitoring to us results in our world-leading experts continually scanning your networks for abnormalities, highlighting risks and providing real-time mitigation solutions, as well as immediate recovery recommendations, all these without you having to implement any complex internal capability.

Our recovery services further assist organisations across the world to prevent disruptions caused by cyber-security outages. As the cyber-risk becomes more advanced by the minute, on point solutions as sole mitigation methods do not stand a chance. At PGI Cyber, our specialists follow the most acknowledged trend in cyber-risk defense: Universal Threat Management (UTM), founded on the concept of integrated security. While you might already have installed preventative cyber-security tools, we complement your system by adding even more robust risk mitigation features to it, such as:

DDOS Protection Deal Protection Service Secure System DesignEncrypted and Tracked USB drives.

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