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Protective Monitoring

Why do I need protective monitoring?

We live in a hyper connected world where we are all linked. Organisations are getting hacked on a daily basis because of weak network security and overall computer security enhancements. Protective monitoring can prevent that from happening to your company: it is a structured, energy-saving and cost-effective method of making sure your business network infrastructure is continually under surveillance, periodically tested and, most importantly, safe from cyber threats.

Effective protective monitoring provides organisations with continual threat assessments, identification and neutralisation of any indicators of compromise created by a threat actor before they cause any damage.

The investigation and eradication of compromise factors can be either manual or automated, depending on customer requirements. In addition to this, event data can be held in long term storage for forensic assessment, incident management and adhering to regulatory requirements to provide evidence of compliance to auditors.

What type of Protective Monitoring does PGI offer?

PGI Cyber’s Protective Monitoring Managed Service works hand in hand with your organisation to detect, engage and mitigate cyber threats and incidents in real time, without you having to implement an additional internal capability. Alternatively, we can also help you implement on premise customer managed solutions with your internal analysts trained and certified to operate our monitoring solution.

Outsourcing Protective Monitoring to PGI Cyber means taking the strain off of your IT department, ensuring that your overall security posture is at its best and meeting all level of regulation from a compliance perspective.

PGI’s Protective Monitoring Managed Service includes:

  • Round the clock monitoring, alerting and remediation service through our award-winning Security Intelligence Platform combining leading edge Security Incident and Event Monitoring technology, Log Management, Network Forensics, Host forensics, Advanced Security Analytics and the world’s most advanced automated malware defense tool, Hawkeye G;
  • Incident management and response, a process that ensures the end-to-end lifecycle of an incident is effectively taken care of; serious incidents require the immediate deployment ofthe Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT);
  • Security Information and Event Monitoring, a service which correlates event data against known threat feeds/customised threat intelligence using world-leading tool sets and advanced malware remediation solutions to identify and remediate Indicators of Compromise (IOC) on networks;
  • Expert Security Analysts, in the case of a fully configured and outsourced Managed Service model, to take the burden of cyber-security off your mind for good;
  • Reporting on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, to offer your management team the insight they need regarding threat actors;
  • Bespoke Security Solutions, depending on the client’s specific needs, because we believe in the uniqueness of your organisation.

Our Protective Monitoring Managed Service has been specifically designed to enable organisations to achieve good security practice and meet pre-defined security monitoring criteria, in line with the following standards:

  • HMG Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG 13);
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS);
  • ISO 2700;
  • SANS top 20 controls;
  • PSN CoCo;
  • Good ISMS management.

24x7x365 secure network monitoring, the most advanced technology and a team of world class cyber-security experts is the winning combination of PGI’s Protective Monitoring Managed Service that can offer you the peace of mind you need when it comes to protecting your company from cyber threats.

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