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Red Team Testing

What is a Red Team test and why do I need it?

Red Team tests replicate real-world cyber-attacks against an organisation’s network, IT assets and critical infrastructure by exploiting any points of entry and weaknesses, be them human or technical, until the attack objectives are reached.

In a world where threat actors constantly update their offensive methods, finding ingenious ways of penetrating even the seemingly most secure environments, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing can go some way to highlight the prevalent threats. Nevertheless, they cannot simulate a sustained attack conducted by multiple adversaries willing to do whatever it takes to break the system. That is the point where Red Team testing comes in.

Red Team tests are conducted for the following purposes:

Determining the profound network and IT security gaps of an organisation, as well as the links between them;

Discovering vulnerability exploitation methods that can be employed by threat actors;

Testing the organisation’s ability to recognise and respond to a security breach in progress;

Raising company cyber-security awareness and putting in place the right risk mitigation plan.

How does PGI Carry out Red Team tests?

Although Red Team testing utilises elements commonly involved in penetration testing, it has a much broader ambit both in the methodologies it employs, as well as in its aims. PGI’s experts conduct Red Team tests which can entail a variety of attack scenarios, including indirect and social engineering techniques, physical and technical reconnaissance, red herrings and probing of defences, as well as any other means necessary to discover the benign parts of an organisation’s infrastructure.

Once our cyber-security specialists conclude a Red Team test, we provide your organisation with:

Full and comprehensive report based on the Scope Of Works previously defined with the client;

Cyber-risk mitigating advice;

Detailed document defining our processes and methods utilized during the test.

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