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Remote Personality Profiling

What is Remote Personality Profiling?

In business, any good negotiation strategy should ideally be based on the different types of personality that one is dealing with. Remote Personality Profiling is a service provided by JTIP, a PGI company, that uses intelligence skills and psychological insights into the various personality types of possible counterparts to help governments and corporate clients maximise the probability of success in major negotiations.

How can Remote Personality Profiling help my organisation?

Our Remote Personality Profiling service is based on world-class psychological research and uses senior practitioners from academia, business and government to prepare and implement a negotiation strategy based on these 3 elements:

  1. Insight into Your Counterpart, which we gain by remotely gathering evidence about your counterpart which will help us predict likely behaviour, with a special interest for the possible ‘dark side’.
  2. Insight into You, which we obtain, with your permission, with a view to identify your own dominant characteristics in order to identify the areas where you will most connect with your counterpart, as well as those where you are most distant.
  3. Preparing and Implementing Strategy, the final step where we use the insights to prepare a negotiating strategy by taking into consideration topics such as ‘Which negotiating points are likely to prove more problematic in practice?’ and ‘Which negotiating context (e.g. electronic, social, formal) will most strengthen the desired relationship?’.

What methods does the Remote Personality Profiling Service involve?

We help you implement these insights and gain psychological leverage through a variety of methods:

  • Summary report giving implications and recommendations;
  • Formal analytical report giving a full evidence base and academic context for our recommendations;
  • Personal briefings;
  • Coaching and role play to help prepare for negotiation;
  • Real-time negotiation support as required.

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