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Who needs cyber-security and information security training?

Organisations of all types have two different Cyber training requirements.  First, ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap’: providing the necessary awareness, training and education giving all members of staff the knowledge the need to perform their job.  We run specific courses for Executives and leadership; others for Engineering and IT Staff and also on-line training for the whole workforce, with specific modules focussed on particular job types or threat types.  Secondly, ‘Growing Cyber Security Professionals’:  Taking people through their professional skill development in their chosen Cyber Security discipline, whether new entrant or established professional, with the necessary certifications.   

At PGI Cyber, we address both the cyber-security skills shortage among IT professionals, as well as the global need for cyber-security awareness, understanding and education. We train and certify specialists already working in the information security field, as well as senior executives and IT staff.

What sets PGI Cyber Training’s division apart from anyone else on the market?

Our training environment, our expertise and our premium facilities set us higher than any of our competitors on the market.

Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, 15,000 sq. ft. PGI Cyber Academy training facility in Bristol is the only one of its kind across Europe. The Academy offers an immersive training environment via powerful virtual networks to support our hands-on approach to the learning process.

The courses taught at the PGI Cyber Academy can on their own reduce the cyber threat to any organisation by up to 80%. All our courses meet the nationally set standards and accreditations and, where appropriate, align themselves with the excellent work on careers that is conducted by our partners in the Cybersecurity Challenge, in the Tiger Scheme, in CREST, in GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) and with universities and apprenticeships.

All our instructors are established cyber-security professionals, holding both leading industry certificates, as well as invaluable real-world experience.

What cyber-security and information security courses does PGI Cyber offer?

At the PGI Cyber Academy, we offer the following courses:

  1. Cyber Security Awareness (CSA)
  2. Advanced Threat Methodology (ATM)
  3. Operational Digital Forensics: (ODF)
  4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  5. Qualified Security Team Member (QSTM)

Future Courses at the PGI Academy:

  1. SST
  2. PCI Seminar
  3. CISM
  4. CISA

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